Journal Club

The Journal Club has been created to encourage students to discuss the weekly critique assignments and list down the critical questions highlighting the drawbacks of the paper critiqued. Every group member is expected to come up with at least 3 critical questions and these questions should be posted in the respective group pages. Below are the group-wise pages:

Paper 1 The Semantic Web Vision: Where Are We?

Paper 2 Is Semantic Web Technology Taking the Wrong Turn?

Paper 3 Currents: Trends, People, Projects - Will the Semantic Web Quietly Revolutionize Software Engineering?

Paper 4 Toward a New Generation of Semantic Web Applications

Paper 5 Building a Pragmatic Semantic Web

Paper 6 Possible Ontologies: How Reality Constrains the Development of Relevant Ontologies

Paper 7 ActiveRDF: object-oriented semantic web programming

Paper 8 Web science: an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the web

Paper 9 Understanding as We Roam

Paper 10 User-Centric Services Provisioning in Wireless Environments

Paper 11 Knowledge Services on Semantic Web

Paper 12 The Two Cultures: Mashing up Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web

Paper 13 Domain-Driven, Actionable Knowledge Discovery

Paper 14 Visual Mining of DNA Sequence; Actionable Knowledge Discovery: A Brain Informatics Perspective; Privacy-Preserving Data Mining: Past, Present, and Future; Toward Knowledge-Driven Data Mining

Paper 15 Informed Recommender: Basing Recommendations on Consumer Product Reviews

Paper 16 Mining Association Rules for Adaptive Search Engine Based on RDF Technology

Paper 17 Semantic matching across heterogeneous data sources

Paper 18 Service-Oriented Distributed Data Mining

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