Group 8

Title of the Project:Open Forum Search Engine

Group Members:Lakshmi Bhavani Nimmagadda

Hema Snigdha Putheti

Durga Maheswari Muppalla

The overview in developing this project is to refine search results for ‘E-Learning’ (study materials) in order to obtain results only from the communities, forums. The search engine gives results from the Discussions and the relevant tutorials posted in our site and to get the online videos and audios for the relevant search and also give the available software’s related to the search.

* To populate results of the discussions over the web in one page.
* These results include videos and text based information and also available relevant downloads.
* Isolated communities discuss only complementary topics; there is no possibility to obtain information which is not present in the blog.
* To obtain information from other blogs.


Using this search engine user can exchange and gather information from multiple resources. It is a user friendly application to gain knowledge through the web.

Video Link of the Project:

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