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It has become difficult for the electronic goods online customers to gather information about the product they wish to buy. We made an effort to integrate three different electronic goods such as laptops,iPods and digital cameras.The online customers have the options provided by the different manufatures to know about their products, but the customers have to visit the manufacturers website inorder to know completely about the product. The customers always spend more time in searching the details of these products from different websites, we made an effort to integrate the databases of these manfatures into an ontology, which can be modified easily when there are new products from different manufacturers.

As the new products emerge the new features do emerge in the market which can then be integrated to the ontology by information finding. The ontology based approach helps the customers to find a product from different manufactures with different features under one roof.The customers have to fill the registration form which can find the profession and give the product search results as per their requirement i.e. different customers will be provided with different results based on the profession in which they are.

We provided an image tagging techinique where in a user can view images of the product in which he/she is interested in.The images of the product helps the customers to view about the product and take appropriate decision about buying the product.This not only helps the customers but also the manufactures to promote their product features in much more effective way.We integraded the product video links which can help the customers to view the product in detail under the instructor of the video customers can listen to the features and extra qualities that are part of the product.These links helps the customers to know about the product in much more effective way.

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