Group 6

Title of the Project:HARDWARE INQUEST


Hardware Inquest is web based application to provide solutions to the common hardware problems. We not only provide text solutions but also video solutions through which our users can repair their computer easily.

A) Overall Goal and Objectives**

Our project aims to provide the solutions to the hardware problems under various categories. Based on the user input we need to provide the solution to the user along with symptoms.

B) Specific Objectives (Problem Statement)

The project constitutes of the following features:

1. Search Engine for solutions regarding hardware problems.
2. Secure Authentication.
3. New User Registration.
4. Information About our Organization
5. Feedback information to moderators using contact us page.
6. User can be able to recover his password by answering the security question.
7. Videos display for various problems in their category from You Tube.
8. Full integration with backend systems.

In our website, to use our features the user needs to be logged in to our website. If he/she is a new user they must register first to use our features. The information about the user in not revealed to the outside world.

In our project we are characterizing several hardware problems in a clear way.

C) Significance

• Organized Query Searching – The search made by our website would be in an organized manner. Customer satisfaction should be the primary satisfaction of our website.

• Knowledge Gathering – Based on the feedback given by the users, further improvements can be made to our website under several categories. Whenever a new problem occurs, the solution to that problem need to be updated in that category. This will be a future implementation our project. Solutions to the software problems also need to be included.

• User friendly approach –User just need to enter the search query in the form of Radio buttons or dropdown list, which have the minimum number of keying for old as well as new users. We intend to build an application keeping in mind that it is very much user friendly for a non-professional user as well. This approach would help him fetch solutions at the cost of only a few key strokes; otherwise he/she would be messed up typing in the information each time. This would result in a better user satisfaction.

• Video Interface –In our Project the navy users can learn the solutions by viewing the videos provided in the video section. If he wants to find new solution, he can enter the query in the text box which would display the related videos from You Tube.

Video Link of the Project:

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