Group 5

Title of the Project:
e-Public Health

Group Members:
Lokesh Reddy Gokul
Ritesh Mengji

We introduce a system which is used to propagate updates regarding public health issues to general public with regional, economical and cultural differences in view. Regional differences include the language better understood by that community. Economical differences include the luxury they can afford to use preventive measures and medication corresponding. The system basically has the architecture which provides the access to the web content and web related issues to the administrator and different administrators have the access to different functions. The features of the system include propagating radio alerts, user specific alerts to the mobile handsets of users and group alerts to a specific section of a society. the last function of sending group alerts has been implemented by using the zip code matching feature. based on the zip code of a group or region, appropriate translation is done at run time, of the available information using corresponding web services.

Video Link of the Project:

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