Group 4

Title of the Project:
Adaptive Taboo

Group Members:
Nikhilesh Katakam
Prashant Sunkari
Ramya Devabhaktuni

In this project we plan to develop the game “taboo” with the concept of ontologies . we also plan to make a variation of this game by make it adaptive.
Basically the game starts this way
-> The users need to guess a word, by looking at the clues given by the computer.
- > The computer suggests the clues to the users, which have some kind of relationship with the actual answer that is to be guessed.
- > For each answer (Hidden word), there will be a set of four restricted words, which the computer cant use as a clue to the users.
The game is adaptive , the level of difficulty of the next question would depend on the answer given to the current question. If the answer is correct , the next question would be more difficult . On the other hand if the current answer is wrong or the user could not answer the current question then the next question would be a bit easier than the previous one.

**Video Link of the Project:*

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