Group 2

Title of the Project:
The Cricket Show

Group Members: Srikanth Kodali, Sai ram Kota.


The main Aim of the project is to develop an Ontology based way in which we can predict the winner of a cricket match. The aim is not only to design a tool for knowing the result of match but it can also be used to compute dynamically the various ways in which we can improve the performance of a team.

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world and there are many expectations and huge money is being spent in the field of cricket. So, it has become a hot spot for many viewers, advertisers and analyzers. So, we have chosen our domain as cricket.

Cricket is a game played between two teams of 11 players each. It is a hugely popular game consisting of many formats, each of which is designed to test the better of the two playing teams.
Our Project Prediction of Winner in a Cricket Match is a real time project designed to predict the outcomes of a Cricket match.
The main idea in our project is to predict who will win a match; it is computed based on a wide variety of factors which are listed in the document.

The significance of the project can be easily described by its problem statement. Cricket is the biggest game ever watched after soccer and there are more expectations and has millions of viewers watching the game.

The main significance of the project is that it will not only be used as a tool for prediction but also can be used to improve the decision making process in the team and hence improve the overall efficiency.

The objectives of our system are

• To find the winning probability of the team based on statistics.
• Identify factors which can potentially affect the team performance.
• Improve decision taking capability.
• Manage resources at hand efficiently.
• Analyzing the strengths and weakness of key players.
• To design a simple GUI that enables to find the statistics of a particular player.
• Accept reviews and comments from users

Video Link of the Project:

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