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The project is modeled to provide and manage good customer relationship between the corporation and the client. Here in the project we deal with customers and several top airlines. We provide the rates offered by the different airlines to the customer and also we will recommend the customer among them with the explanation. We also provide the other user’s recommendation too. The corporation would prefer to maintain profitability not just at the expense of its customer but by cost reductions. We also provide the route through which the customer travels. We also provide the weather information so that the user can know the weather at the destination. If the weather is bad at the destination then he can plan the trip some other time. We also provide the weather between the stations which customer wants to travel. We also provide alternate route if the weather is bad in between the stations. We also provide the news updates to the user regarding the airlines and about the climate. The user can also find the route between the places manually through our website. He can also get the weather at any place by entering zip or city name. The profit margins should be set by not increasing the ticket rates of the flights but by increasing the customer base. Customer base would be increased by providing the special deals to the customer through the user will show his interest to our website. Also there would be a rating policy for the customers, by this the user can be able to rate the deals which we had shown to them and from next time the rating is updated and the updated rating is shown to all the customers. Including this we will take the feedback from the customer after the completion of his trip. Eliminating delay in back office processing would be a major emphasis. Improving quality of services to the distribution channel also taken care of. Also emphasis would be to process business as fast as possible and backlogs are avoided as much as possible.

B) Specific Objectives (Problem Statement)

The project constitutes of the following features:

1. Fully automated trip planning and booking processing.
2. Online information and application forms for registrations.
3. Decreased processing time and form errors.
4. Displayed detailed information about the different types of airlines which we deal with.
5. Rates offered by different airlines and hotels are displayed to the user.
6. Provide the route between the stations which the user wants to travel.
7. Provide the weather at the destination where the customer wants to travel.
8. Displaying weather of all the cities in the route through which the user travels.
9. Also provided the alternate route in case of the bad weather at the intermediate stations.
10. Graphical comparison of the rates offered by the rates offered by the different insurance agencies, graphical comparison of the average delay of the airlines, graphical comparison of the user rating of the airlines.
11. Displaying our own preference to the customer by the explanations.
12. Displaying user’s recommendation among the airlines.
13. Taking the ratings about the deal from the customer.
14. User can be able to recover his password by answering the security question.
15. Providing new updates to the users.
16. Building ontology for our project.
17. Full integration with back end systems.

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