Group 6

Title of the Project: ePharmacist

Group Members:
Sharat Chandra, Dammadapu
Yogendra Siva Ram, Boppana
Karthik, Myneni

Introduction: The motivation behind our project is to develop a website which gives the user a basic understanding of Medicines. For example: The user may get a medicine from doctor he may lose his prescription. But whenever he visits “EPharmacist” he can just type the Name of the Medicine the System provides all the basic information such as The medicine is used for what kind of disease and how much amount of medicine should be taken per day like 3 doses or so and for what kind of age people can be allowed to use this medicine. It also generates the list of company names which manufactures this product and some specific links which can provide additional information related to this product.

**Video Link of the Project:*

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