Group 5

Title of the Project:
The Mobile Search

Group Members:
Rahul Reddy Varakala

Mobile technology is the next big revolution on earth and the key to access such a technology by a user is a mobile phone with different technologies merging new technologies like 3G , 4G services are becoming important and to keep up with these advanced technologies many mobiles with more enhanced features and applications are being launched into the market .
This leaves the user with a wide range of choices to select from as per his requirements and the services that are being offered. So this application helps the users zero down to a set of phones that would match his requirements and at the same time considering some additional factors like other users feedback, availability in his area and soon. Along with that some users might also be interested in knowing about various available mobile accessories at the time of purchasing mobile. This application also contains a feature where in user can view the various available mobile accessories along with an approximate number of users who are using the mobile they have chosen.

Video Link of the Project:

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