Group 3

Title of the Project:

School Search

Group Members:
Swati Thorve, Swathi Shastry, Chi Zhang
Our application, the School Search is developed with the intention of helping the prospective students during the time of school selection. Students choose schools based on various factors like the type of program, location, living expenses, tuition fee etc. Currently, the students would have to visit the individual school websites to gather the information that they seek, but with our application we provide a friendly interactive user interface through which the students can choose their requirements for each of the factors and our application will find them a perfect school match that meets all of their requirements.

Thus the selection process is made much simpler, faster, easier and hassle free to the students who are loaded with hectic schedules. Our application helps the students make a wise and informed decision and enables them in picking their perfect fit school by giving them the best possible suggestions and data results that satisfy their requirements.

Video Link of the Project:

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