Group 2

Title of the Project: Enterprise Procurement System

Group Members: Addagalla Satyanaga Manoj Kumar; Bobbili, Shrinath; Gopinath, Sreejith


Current day SCM systems, and therefore, Procurement Planning Systems, are based on databases and resource management decisions are made by running complex analytical processing and queries against the database. The weakness of such a system or approach is that these complex processes have to be carried out each time that a resource management decision is required. As such, it is only natural that the efficiency of such a system is subject to the efficiency of the database. Human intervention is very often needed to make the data needed to reach a decision available to the system, typically triggering the processes within the system by the creation of a new document like a purchase order. In order to reduce the hassles of creating, maintaining and tracking a typically large number of paper documents, the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology was introduced. Rather than solving the problem, EDI imposed further overheads on the system, in the form of converting between and interpreting a large number of heterogeneous document types. We are proposing a new approach in which the data that triggers the process is obtained by the P2P system in a pull-fashion rather than the traditional push-fashion (posting of purchase orders, etc. ‘pushes’ triggering data to the P2P system). This would solve the problem of heterogeneous document interchange in almost all cases.

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